LoggerNet Patch (Large) 3.3.1
Updated: 11-07-2006

  1. Resolved issues: When a new mixed array datalogger was added to the network map, scheduled data collection for that station would not start until LoggerNet was closed and restarted.
  2. Resolved issues: The Service Manager was creating and using an alternate key in the Windows registry, which had the effect that in some instances the working directory used by the service was incorrect. The symptom of this was that the network map would be blank after starting/stopping the service with the Service Manager.
  3. Resolved issues: In some instances server transactions were hanging, which would result in scheduled data collection stopping.
  4. Resolved issues: A change was made to the algorithm used for checking/setting clocks. The change improves the synchronization of clocks over slower communication links and resolves an issue where scheduled data collection would be delayed if a negative Time Zone Offset was being used and a station's clock was set using the CoraCmd clock-set. Note that a result of this change is that the Server Date/ Time reported on the Connect window and the Setup window's Clock tab will now include the offset.