LoggerNet Patch (Large) 3.1.4
Updated: 03-06-2005

  1. LoggerNet Server Bug Fix: A bug in the server caused it to crash (external exception) if a Numeric or Graphic Display launched from the Connect Screen tried to display any values from a table (inlocs, public, or final storage) in a table-based datalogger (Edlog or CRBasic datalogger) that had more than 227 fields.
  2. LoggerNet Server Bug Fix: Fixed a bug in the server that prevented it from collecting "most recently stored records" from a table-based datalogger if the datalogger had not stored at least that many records since LoggerNet's last collection.
  3. Short Cut 2.4 Bug Fix: Reverted to default.plt and table.plt sensor files similar to those in Short Cut 2.0-2.2 for measuring the program signature in order to preserve forward compatibility so that Short Cut can edit programs created in those earlier verisons. Programs created in Version 2.3.x will have to be recreated to be used in this and subsequent versions.