LoggerNet Patch (Large) 3.2.1
Updated: 25-01-2006

  1. LoggerNet Server Bug Fix: Reverted to the behavior of LoggerNet 3.1.x where we don't look for the DSR line to be high before attempting to use a device on a COM port. We attempted to use this to make sure a USB serial port cable was actually attached to resolve a problem with FTDI drivers. However, it presented problems for many internal phone modems that didn't support the DSR line. USB COM port users may have to add a Generic modem between COM port and the PhoneBase and set the Generic modem to igonore the DSR by choosing "The RTS line will be raised" on the modem tab.
  2. CRBasic Editor 2.6 Bug Fix: Now creates a binary (*.BIN) program file for sending to CR2xx dataloggers when compiling the program.
  3. Setup Screen Bug Fix: When run remotely displays the wrong default working directory. It used variables for the server's and the application's working directory on the remote PC rather than those on the server PC.
  4. Short Cut 2.5.1 Bug Fix: Short Cut 2.5 created illegal 21X programs when instructions used integration.
  5. TaskMaster Engine Bug Fix: When LoggerNet is closed, it sends a message to the TaskMaster Engine to close, but the TMEngine closes before it writes all of its tasks to its ini file. The next time it comes up, it has no knowledge of tasks. TaskMaster Fixed so it only writes to its ini file when the Apply button is clicked.
  6. Transformer 1.3 Bug Fix: Now searches for the CRBasic Editor in its own application directory first.