LoggerNet Patch (Large) 3.2.2
Updated: 08-02-2006

  1. EZSetup Bug Fix: If your first action is to edit a previously configured mixed-array datalogger, and you jump to the data files tab, the EZSetup client may show the data file name fields as blank. Clicking Finish at this point saves blank fields in the server, which prevents data files from actually being saved. (Problem was introduced in LoggerNet 3.2.)
  2. Setup Screen Bug Fix: 1. If you make any change to a setting on the Final Storage Area 1 or Final Storage Area 2 tabs for mixed-array dataloggers, that change is duplicated on the other tab. If you make any changes to a setting you cannot have different settings - including the path and name of the data file or whether to collect or not - on these two tabs. This means users cannot choose to collect just one Final Storage Area and any data they collect from either Final Storage Area will be put into the same file - an even more serious problem if they have duplicate Array IDs in both Final Storage Areas. (Problem was introduced in LoggerNet 3.2.1.)