LoggerNet Patch (Large) 3.1.2
Updated: 04-02-2005

  1. Bug Fix: Fixed several problems in the server when LoggerNet was collecting from storage modules. These included: files were always stored in binary format which also caused a backup file to be created on every collection; we were allowing the operating system to insert extra bytes in the files that threw off the byte pairing which made the data appear to be corrupt; we were not retaining the correct pointer when storage modules were full (rung around) and collections were aborted; we were not processing retries as well as we should when the maximum time on line was triggered during a scheduled collection; we were timing out too soon when users had set the collection option for a very large number of the most recent arrays; and the Status Monitor was showing a decreasing number of values to collect during the data collection. These problems did not affect collections when using the SMS (Storage Module Software) program.
  2. Bug Fix: Fixed a minor bug in the server that prevented it from collecting tables from CR5000 or CR9032 dataloggers that contained Boolean variables.
  3. Bug Fix: Used a different sequence for closing sockets and threads during shutdown by several clients, including Setup, Connect, Status, EZSetup, CRBasicEditor, TroubleShooter, Task Master, and LogTool to resolve a problem with the Windows' WSACleanup routine that was revealed by a third party antivirus software.
  4. Enhancement: Made it possible to use regional settings with alternative separator characters (e.g., commas for decimal separators and periods for thousands separators), particularly noticeable in the Connect Screen's Numeric Monitor.