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A New Software Suite for Campbell Scientific Integrated Eddy-Covariance Systems

Eddy covariance (EC) is a popular technique to measure and calculate CO2/H2O and other trace-gas fluxes in the atmospheric boundary layer. A typical workflow of a large network involves setting up and maintaining instrum...


Campbell Scientific releases CR310 datalogger

LOGAN, UTAH — Campbell Scientific, a maker of research-grade measurement instruments for over 40 years, is releasing an innovative new data-acquisition product: the CR310 measurement and control data...


New IoT network is leading the way in Queensland

A new publicly accessible Internet of Things (IoT) network has been implemented in the city of Townsville, North Queensland. Consisting of several gateways with coverage of approximately 1000 km2, the network is a partnership between...


Campbell Scientific offers new EE181 temperature and humidity probe

LOGAN, UTAH — Campbell Scientific, a manufacturer of research-grade measurement instruments for over 42 years, is now offering the accurate, rugged


Newly Designed EC155 and CSAT3A Reduces Maintenance and Improves Measurements

Campbell Scientific recently added several improvements to our EC155 Closed-Path CO2/H2O Gas Analyser and CSAT3A 3D Sonic Anemometer. The EC155 with the CSAT3A anemometer simultaneously measures absolute carbon dioxide a...

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