LoggerNet Patch (Large) 3.1.1
Updated: 15-01-2005

  1. Bug Fix: Fixed a bug during the install when upgrading from LN 2.1c. It didn't use the working directory if the path didn't end in "loggernet". It updated the SCWin, RTMC, DevConfig, etc. directories, but then forgot to use the previous old working directory. Instead, not finding a "LoggerNet" directory, it makes a fresh one, so thatit shows a blank network map. 2. Fixed a bug in the Connect Screen when upgrading froma LoggerNet 2.x network that included table-based Edlog dataloggers (TD and PB) in the Numeric Monitor. Inloc fields in the Numeric Monitors would appear but no values would ever be displayed.
  2. Bug Fix: Fixed a bug in the Setup Screen when upgrading froma LoggerNet 2.x network that caused the Output File Name field on the Data Files tab for any table-based datalogger to show the wrong path to the datafile. The actual path used was correct, but this could lead to a wrongly named data file if the user clicks the browse button, fails to notice that the file name offered has "bin" at the front of it and clicks OK.
  3. CRBasic Editor Enhancement: Improved the performance of the CRBasic Editor when using the keyboard cursor keys to scroll left-right or up-down. This was very noticeable on slow PCs (~350 MHz).