LoggerNet Patch (Large) 3.3
Updated: 01-06-2006

  1. Enhancement: Support for the CR800 datalogger.
  2. Enhancement: New CSV custom file format added as a file output option in the Setup window and in CardConvert. This new format, available only for table-based dataloggers, stores the data to a comma separated format that is similar to that of mixed array dataloggers.
  3. Enhancement: Improvements to the Ports and Flags window for all datalogger types.
  4. Enhancement: Field Calibration wizard for measurement calibration in the CRX000 dataloggers.
  5. Hole Monitor Enhancement: Added ability to purge or collect all or specific holes.
  6. Backup Wizard Enhancement: When running the network Backup wizard, now get a warning that the file will be overwritten if a backup file with the same name exists.
  7. Backup Wizard Enhancement: When running the Backup utility as a Task, you now have the option to create unique file names based on date/time of backup.
  8. EZSetup Enhancement: Can now type in a COM port number in EZSetup, if it is not displayed in the list of available ports.
  9. CRBasic Editor Enhancement: Allows printing select pages.
  10. CRBasic Editor Enhancement: Added "library file" support to CRBasic editor.
  11. CRBasic Editor Enhancement: Added scroll bar to message window for CRBasic Editor.
  12. CRBasic Editor Enhancement: Support for new instructions in the CR1000, CR3000, CR9000X, and CR5000 datalogger operating systems was added to the CRBasic Editor.
  13. CardConvert Enhancement: Added ability to store processed files in uniform sized packets based on time.
  14. CardConvert Enhancement: Now supports a file naming scheme based on timestamp of data.
  15. CardConvert Enhancement: Improved user interface.
  16. Resolved issues: When custom labels were entered for Ports/Flags dialog, these labels were not maintained when the dialog was closed.
  17. Resolved issues: LoggerNet Admin: Launch Multiple Clients option was inadvertly left off of the Toolbar's Options menu.
  18. Resolved issues: Fixed an issue with LNBackup when running LoggerNet as a service.
  19. Resolved issues: Transformer could only open CRBasic once per session.
  20. Resolved issues: Multiple changes made to Spanish language files.
  21. Resolved issues: Troubleshooter "Show Stations Only" menu option was not working.
  22. Resolved issues: TAPIRemote "Country Code" list box now in alphabetical order.
  23. Resolved issues: With a certain series of keystrokes, the CRBasic Editor would return an error when Save was pressed.
  24. Resolved issues: DevConfig would return an "unhandled exception" error when trying to connect to a storage module.
  25. Resolved issues: Improved display of multi-lines strings in Numeric Monitor.
  26. Resolved issues: Connect window was requesting table definitions from all dataloggers in a network, instead of just the datalogger to which it was connected. This could result in very slow response if connecting over a slow communication link with a large datalogger network.
  27. Resolved issues: CardConvert output file directory no longer defaults to card.
  28. Resolved issues: CardConvert: Creating a new output directory off of the root directory sometimes created the directory in the wrong place.
  29. Resolved issues: Resolved a Range Check error in Split when using a Starting Offset and the Date function.
  30. Resolved issues: Fixed a problem with Split's WDQS(n) function when wind direction was 360 degrees or greater.