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System Programs

AP200 CR1000 Program 2.01 (31.3 KB) 12-01-2021

AP200 CR1000(X) Program. Compatible with the LI-850. Note: For those with the LI-840 contact Campbell Scientific for compatible code. learn more

Micrometeorology Group (435) 227-9100. learn more

EasyFlux DL for CR3000 1.2 (50.1 KB) 04-04-2018

CR3000 datalogger program for Campbell open-path eddy-covariance systems. learn more

EasyFlux DL for CR6CP 1.03 (116 KB) 05-08-2019

CR6 datalogger program for Campbell closed-path eddy-covariance systems. Note: This version corrects the compile error that the previous version had... learn more