A300 Power and Signal Converter

The A300 is a logic-level shifter and voltage converter. It provides two level-shifting channels: the first converting 5 V to 3.3 V, and the second converting 3.3 V to 5 V. Additionally, the A300 provides a regulated 3.3 V power output. The A300 is commonly used when connecting the pulse-per-second (PPS) output of a GPS16X-HVS to a CR800-series, CR1000, or CR3000 datalogger. In 2014, Garmin changed... Learn More

CR6 Measurement and Control Datalogger

The CR6 measurement and control datalogger is a powerful core component for your data-acquisition system. We combined the best features of all our dataloggers and added faster communication, low power requirements, built in USB, compact size, and improved analog input accuracy and resolution. The CR6 also introduces our new universal (U) terminal, an ingenious way to allow virtually any sensor—analog, digital, or smart—to be connected... Learn More

CS240 PT-1000 Class A, Back of Module Temperature Sensor

The CS240 is a surface-mountable PT-1000 Class A RTD in a ruggedized form factor commonly used in solar energy applications to measure back-of-module temperature with the highest level of accuracy. To withstand the harsh treatment commonly seen in MET station installations, the RTD is safely housed inside a specially designed self-adhesive aluminum disk. Learn More

ENC8/10 Enclosure, 8 x 10 inches

The ENC8/10 is a weather-resistant enclosure that is 8 inches wide and 10 inches tall. It is the smallest of our standard enclosures, yet it is extra deep with a depth of 6 inches. This enclosure is suitable for use with CR300-series or CR200X-series dataloggers. The ENC8/10 can house one of these dataloggers and a small power supply. Alternatively, this enclosure can be used to... Learn More

LI200RX-L Pyranometer with Fixed Calibration

The LI200RX pyranometer measures both sun and sky solar radiation with a silicon photovoltaic detector mounted in a cosine-corrected head. The cable contains circuitry that standardizes sensor calibration, allowing complete sensors and cabling to be swapped out in the field without having to change the datalogger programming.  This pyranometer connects directly to Campbell Scientific dataloggers and is ideal for agricultural and meteorological applications. The LI200RX is calibrated for... Learn More

CRVW3-NE 3-Channel Vibrating-Wire Datalogger without Enclosure

The CRVW3-NE is a 3-channel VSPECT™ vibrating-wire datalogger. It is designed to be an independent datalogger, or a reliable component in a larger data acquisition system. The CRVW3-NE has multiple communication options and a power regulator for easy solar panel and battery connection. The CRVW3-NE and the CRVW3 are similar products that share the same electronic components. The main difference between them is that the CRVW3-NE... Learn More

EASYFLUX-DL Eddy-Covariance Datalogger Program

EasyFlux™-DL is a free CRBasic program that enables a CR3000 datalogger to collect fully corrected data fluxes from a Campbell Scientific open-path eddy-covariance (EC) system with optional energy balance sensors. The program processes the EC data using commonly used corrections in the scientific literature to provide fully corrected outputs of CO2 flux, latent heat flux, sensible heat flux, and surface heat flux (optional). Specifically, the... Learn More

VWANALYZER Vibrating Wire Analyzer with Carrying Case and Sensor Cable

The Vibrating Wire Analyzer (VWA) is the most innovative vibrating wire field reader available. Field ready to quickly measure a sensor, save data, and communicate results with custom PDF reports and spreadsheet output. VWA measurements are geolocated with an integrated GPS, allowing the device to verify and provide guidance to sensor locations. The VWA uses spectral-analysis technology (VSPECT™) to provide the best vibrating wire measurement... Learn More

CM255LS Fully Adjustable Solar Sensor Mounting Stand with Leveling Screws

The process of securely mounting and accurately leveling a pyranometer to a mounting bracket has traditionally been very difficult. The balance between tightly securing the sensor to the mounting bracket while perfectly leveling the sensor requires great time, skill, and fortitude. Without a secure fit, the sensor’s position will shift, and the sensor’s level will potentially be lost. The process is made even more difficult... Learn More

SDM-SIO1A SDM-SIO1A Serial I/P Module

The SDM-SIO1A module connects to Campbell Scientific dataloggers using the SDM port and communications protocol. The SDM-SIO1A module is designed to allow expansion of the number of serial ports available on a datalogger or communicating with intelligent sensors or driving external displays. The SDM-SIO1A is a functional replacement for the SDM-SIO1 interface, being slightly smaller in size.   Learn More

CR300 Datalogger

The CR300 is a multi-purpose, compact, low-cost measurement and control datalogger. This entry level datalogger, with its rich instruction set, can measure most hydrological, meteorological, environmental and industrial sensors. It will concentrate data, making it available over varied networks and deliver it using your preferred protocol. The CR300 also performs automated on-site or remote decision making for control and M2M communications. The CR300 is ideal for small applications requiring long-term, remote monitoring... Learn More

SOLAR800 Solar-Resource Assessment Station

Solar800 Configuration - 10:30 The Solar800 is a turn-key, solar-measurement data-acquisition system specifically designed for solar-resource assessment. The Solar800 provides the on-site data essential for a thorough understanding of a project site’s solar resources and variability. The system is designed with fast-to-field features that simplify and expedite installation: no system coding required, quick-deploy installation components and guide, and simple-to-configure software. Data retrieval is easy and... Learn More

LI190R-L Quantum Sensor

The LI190R, manufactured by LI-COR, is a quantum sensor that accurately monitors Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density (PPFD) in both natural and artificial light. It connects directly to our dataloggers and is ideal for growth chambers and greenhouses.  Learn More

CRVW3 3-Channel Vibrating-Wire Datalogger

The CRVW3 is a self-contained, low-cost, 3-channel VSPECT™ vibrating-wire datalogger. It is designed to be an independent datalogger, or a reliable component in a larger data acquisition system. Arriving field-ready from the factory with power, communications, and an enclosure, the CRVW3 is built for your monitoring needs. Learn More

CS120A Atmospheric Visibility Sensor

The CS120A uses tried-and-tested, infrared forward-scatter technology, and it uses the proven 42° scatter angle to report meteorological observable range (MOR) for fog and snow in the range 10 to 30,000 m. It combines a high specification with a very competitive price. The CS120A is ideal for stand-alone applications or in combination with automatic weather stations in road, aviation, solar-energy, and wind-energy environments. Learn More

LoggerNet Mobile Connect Apps for iOS and Android

LoggerNet Mobile Connect is a simple, yet powerful, tool that allows communication with any station in your LoggerNet network using an iOS or Android device. It gives you access to the LoggerNet server anywhere your mobile device has a data connection.  LoggerNet Mobile Connect Mobile Apps are free and available through the Apple Store or Google Play. Learn More

LI200R-L Pyranometer

The LI200R, manufactured by LI-COR, is a pyranometer that measures both sun and sky solar radiation with a silicon photovoltaic detector mounted in a cosine-corrected head. It connects directly to Campbell Scientific dataloggers and is ideal for agricultural and meteorological applications. The LI200R is calibrated for natural light and should not be used under artificial light or under plant canopy. Learn More

CS225-L SDI-12 Temperature Sensor String

The CS225-L Temperature String is a prime example of our commitment to provide the highest quality monitoring products in the world. Our revamped design, rigorous validation process, and stringent quality standards are all focused on providing the fantastic quality you require to reliably generate data you can trust, even in the harshest of environments. Learn more about the CS225-L's quality testing and validation process.  The CS225-L temperature string... Learn More

CDM-A116 16-Channel 5 V Analog Input Module

The CDM-A116 is an analog input module that allows easy expansion of Campbell Scientific datalogging systems. The CDM-A116 features a 24-bit, analog-to-digital converter and a low-noise, analog front-end to provide superior analog measurements. This module also supports period average measurements and includes both current and voltage excitation channels. The CDM-A116 has 16 differential inputs, four excitation channels, two 12 V ports, two switched 12 V ports,... Learn More

HS2P HydroSense II Display with Insertion Pole

The HS2P is a combination of the Hydrosense II soil-water sensor with a strong handle and pole that make it easier to insert the probes into the soil. The lightweight pole allows soil testing without bending over. The HS2P is compact and portable, with the layout of the buttons on the display allowing for operation with one hand. Two different probe lengths are available, for... Learn More

NL201 Network Link Interface

The NL201 is a serial-to-Ethernet interface that provides a wired Ethernet network connection to dataloggers, peripherals, and other serial devices. The NL201 supports sophisticated networking capabilities for PakBus devices and networks. Using a unique technique to bridge the Ethernet and CS I/O ports, the NL201 can provide direct access to the integrated IP functionality of some Campbell Scientific dataloggers. The NL201 can also act as... Learn More

TGA200A Trace-Gas Analyzer

The TGA200A Trace-Gas Analyzer measures trace-gas concentrations in an air sample using tunable-diode laser absorption spectroscopy (TDLAS). This technique provides high sensitivity, speed, and selectivity. Its simple design allows it to measure one of many gases by choosing an appropriate laser source. The TGA200A features a 1.5 m single-pass optical measurement system that uses a thermoelectrically cooled laser.  The TGA200A is housed in a rugged environmental enclosure... Learn More

CRS451V Vented Water-Level Recording Sensor─Stainless Steel

The CRS451V consists of a submersible water-level and water-temperature sensor with its own time clock and memory to store the collected data—in a compact stainless-steel case. This datalogging capability frees users to place the sensor in remote sites and let it collect data for long periods. HydroSci software is included and elegantly supports test setup, data retrieval, and data display. Long battery life and rugged... Learn More

CS230-L SDI-12 Temperature Sensor Profiler

The CS230-L temperature profiler uses SDI-12 digital technology for simple integration. SDI-12 does away with analog measurement inaccuracies and susceptibility to electrical noise. The CS230-L consists of a rigid probe assembly and up to four optional external temperature probes. The rigid probe assembly maintains the precise position of the temperature points within the profile, while protecting the temperature sensors in all mediums for the long-term. The... Learn More

CRS456V Vented Water-Level Recording Sensor─Titanium

The CRS456V consists of a submersible water-level and water-temperature sensor with its own time clock and memory to store the collected data—in a compact titanium case. This datalogging capability frees users to place the sensor in remote sites and let it collect data for long periods. HydroSci software is included and elegantly supports test setup, data retrieval, and data display. Long battery life and rugged construction... Learn More

28764 SDM8X50 Enclosure

The 28764 is a weather-resistant enclosure that is 10 inches wide and 12 inches tall with two conduits for cable entry. This enclosure houses and protects the SDM8X50 TDR multiplexer. When purchased with the –E option, the SDM8X50 ships with this enclosure and an enclosure supply kit. Learn More

SHM 30 Snow Depth Sensor (made by Jenoptik)

The SHM 30 snow depth sensor reliably determines snow depths of up to 10 meters within seconds and with millimeter precision. Based on an opto-electronic distance sensor emitting visible eye-safe laser light, the SHM 30 allows probing distances of up to 30 meters to detect the surface level. Even if the measuring process is impaired by precipitation, the SHM 30 reliably finds the snow surface... Learn More

EE181-L Air Temperature and Relative Humidity Probe

The EE181 is a rugged, accurate air temperature and relative humidity (RH) probe that is ideal for long-term, unattended applications. It includes a proprietary coating on the RH element that increases the life of the element and protects it from dirt, dust, salt, or other contaminants. A 1000 Ω PRT measures air temperature for the -40° to +60°C range. For optimum results, the EE181 should be... Learn More

HL4 Hydrolab Multiparameter Water Quality Sonde

The Hydrolab HL4 is the next generation multiparameter water quality sonde from OTT Hydromet. Its reliability, ease-of-use, and metadata produce water quality data you can trust. Know the sonde is working correctly and troubleshoot quickly with the self-monitoring system that reports the status of the sonde, shows the user where potential problems are, and gives assistance on how to solve issues. Calibration is made easier with... Learn More

31022 Zero Air Generator

The Zero Air Generator is a low-cost, handheld source of zero air (air that has been scrubbed of CO2 and water vapor) to be used for zeroing infrared gas analyzers (IRGAs). The 31022 consists of a small pump and a molecular sieve. The pump is powered by 2 AA batteries. A “Test” port located on the 31022 can be used to determine when to replace... Learn More

NL121 Ethernet Interface

The NL121 is the easiest and lowest-cost way to add an Ethernet interface connection to a CR1000 or CR3000. This small device, about the size of a deck of cards, simply plugs onto the datalogger’s peripheral port. Through the NL121, the Internet capabilities of the datalogger can be accessed, such as PakBus, Modbus, and DNP3 over TCP, as well as Web, email, file transfer, and cloud-based... Learn More

TDR200 Time-Domain Reflectometer

The TDR200 Time-Domain Reflectometer is the core of the Campbell Scientific time-domain reflectometry (TDR) system. TDR systems accurately determine soil volumetric water content, soil bulk electrical conductivity, rock mass deformation, or a user-specific time-domain measurement. One Campbell Scientific datalogger can control multiple TDR200 reflectometers. Learn More

NL116 Ethernet Interface and CompactFlash Module

Ethernet connectivity and expanded data storage capacity are easily added to a CR1000 or CR3000 by attaching an NL116. The Ethernet connection provides access to the powerful Internet capabilities of the datalogger for data collection and control. Additionally, gigabytes of data and file storage capacity can be added to the datalogger using a removable CompactFlash card. Learn More

RV50 Industrial 4G LTE Cellular Gateway

The RV50 is an industrial 4G LTE cellular gateway that provides serial and Ethernet connectivity to numerous cellular networks. The RV50 is capable of LTE, CDMA/EV-DO, and GSM/GPRS/EDGE/WCDMA networking and is carrier-approved in North America for Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile USA, Rogers, Bell, and Telus. The networking and carrier used by the RV50 is determined by the active SIM card(s) inserted into the device. The RV50... Learn More

PVS4100D-CSA AC-Powered Portable Discrete Water Sampler

The PVS4100D is a deluxe ac-powered only water sampler that deposits its water samples into 24 containers. It uses a bigger sampler pump, allowing it to support the fastest sampling rates and longest sampling distances. The PVS4100D includes a programmable controller with 16-key intuitive touch pad. The controller can accept a pulse input (e.g., rain gage), a 4 to 20 mA signal (e.g., flow meter),... Learn More

CDM-VW300 Dynamic Vibrating-Wire Analyser (2-channel)

The CDM-VW300 is a 2-channel interface between sensors and dataloggers that allows shorter intervals between measurements. This interface uses an excitation mechanism that maintains the vibrating-wire sensor in a continuously vibrating state. The interface measures the resonant frequency of the wire between excitations using the patented vibrating-wire spectral-analysis technolgy (VSPECT™). VSPECT provides very fine measurement resolution and also limits the influence of external noise by... Learn More

LoggerLink Mobile Apps for iOS and Android

Watch the LoggerLink Video Current Version for iOS: 1.3 Current Version for Android: 1.3.2 LoggerLink Mobile Apps are simple yet powerful tools that allow an iOS or Android device to communicate with our CR200X, CR800, CR850, CR1000, CR3000, or CR6 dataloggers via an IP device (NL115, NL116, NL120, NL121, NL201, NL240, RavenXTV, RavenXTG, LS300G). LoggerLink for Android also supports Bluetooth communication for these same dataloggers using... Learn More

IRGASON Integrated CO2 and H2O Open-Path Gas Analyzer and 3-D Sonic Anemometer

Campbell Scientific’s IRGASON fully integrates the open-path analyzer and sonic anemometer. Designed specifically for eddy-covariance flux measurements, the patented design is easier to install and use than separate sensors and provides increased measurement accuracy. The IRGASON simultaneously measures absolute carbon dioxide and water vapor, air temperature, barometric pressure, three-dimensional wind speed, and sonic air temperature. U.S. patent D680455 For more information about the benefits of having... Learn More

NL200-CSA Network Link Interface

Campbell Scientific's NL200 is a powerful network link interface that provides a wired Ethernet network connection to data loggers and peripherals. It allows our data loggers, as well as other serial devices, to communicate over a local area network or a dedicated Internet connection. Additionally, the NL200 supports sophisticated networking capabilities, especially when used in PakBus networks with PakBus devices. For example, with the NL200,... Learn More

HC2S3-L Temperature and Relative Humidity Probe

The HC2S3, manufactured by Rotronic, is a rugged, accurate temperature and humidity probe that is ideal for long-term, unattended applications. The probe uses an advanced capacitive sensor to measure relative humidity. The probe includes a filter to protect the sensor from dust and particles, for superior performance and reliability. Learn More

CRS451 Water-Level Recording Sensor—Stainless Steel

The CRS451 consists of a water-level and water-temperature sensor that has its own time clock and memory to store the collected data, in a compact stainless-steel case. This frees users to place the sensor in remote sites and let it collect data for long periods. The sensor can then be retrieved, connected to a PC via a micro-USB port, and the data transferred to the... Learn More

EC150 CO2/H2O Open-Path Gas Analyzer

Campbell Scientific’s EC150 is an open-path analyzer specifically designed for eddy-covariance flux measurements. As a stand-alone analyzer, it simultaneously measures absolute carbon-dioxide and water-vapor densities, air temperature, and barometric pressure. With the optional CSAT3A sonic anemometer head, the EC150 also measures three-dimensional wind speed and sonic air temperature. Learn More

CRS456 Water-Level Recording Sensor—Titanium

The CRS456 consists of a water-level and water-temperature sensor that has its own time clock and memory to store the collected data, in a compact titanium case. This frees users to place the sensor in remote sites and let it collect data for long periods. The sensor can then be retrieved, connected to a PC via a micro-USB port, and the data transferred to the... Learn More

CS120 Atmospheric Visibility Sensor

The CS120A is an infrared forward scatter visibility sensor for stand alone use or for use with an automatic weather station including those for road and airport applications. The CS120A uses the well established forward scatter system for visibility measurement, utilising a 42° scatter angle which gives accurate estimates of Meteorological Observable Range (M.O.R.) for fog and snow. For aviation applications users can be assured... Learn More

CS451-L Pressure Transducer

The CS451 is a pressure transducer for water-level measurements in canals, wells, ponds, harbors, lakes, streams and tanks. It has a stainless-steel case that can be submerged in most canals, wells, ponds, lakes, and streams. The CS451 outputs either a digital SDI-12 or RS-232 signal to indicate observed pressure and temperature. This output can be read by many of our dataloggers. The CS451 replaces the... Learn More

CPEC200 Closed-Path Eddy-Covariance System

The CPEC200 is a turn-key, closed-path eddy-covariance (EC) flux system that measures surface-atmosphere exchange of carbon dioxide, water vapor, heat, and momentum. A complete system consists of a closed-path gas analyzer (EC155 closed-path gas analyzer), sonic anemometer (CSAT3A sonic anemometer), datalogger (CR3000 datalogger), and sample pump. A valve module is also available for automated zero and span. Learn More

CC5MPX 5MP Digital Network Camera

The CC5MPX is a high-resolution digital network camera with video capabilities. It requires little power, making it ideal for battery-powered installations. The camera can produce images of up to 5 megapixels, and has a rugged environmental case that allows it to be used outside in extremes of temperature. It is compatible with Campbell Scientific dataloggers. An SD memory card for image storage is available as... Learn More

SG000-KT Strike Guard Lightning Sensor kit

The SG000 kit includes: SG000 Strike Guard Lightning Sensor FC100 Fiber Optic Converter FC100CBL1-L Simplex PMMA Plastic Fiber Optic Cable SC932A 9-Pin to 9-Pin RS-232 Interface 16987 SC105 or SC932A Mounting kit 14291 Field Power Cable 12Vdc Plug to Pigtail, 2ft  18663 Null Modem Cable, 9-pin Male to 9-pin Male Learn More