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RSR2-KIT Rotating Shadowband Radiometer
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The standard configuration Rotating Shadowband Radionometer (RSR2) is an easy to operate instrument for measuring solar energy resources. It includes a head unit, motor controller, temperature/relative humidity sensor, data logger, PV/battery power supply, cellular modem for remote data access, and stable, light-weight tripod. The Irradiance RSR2 head unit uses a rotating curved band and a single, fast-response, photodiode sensor to measure global and diffuse sunlight.  Direct sunlight is calculated by Irradiance's computer program onboard the Campbell Scientific data logger.

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Technical Description

The RSR2 design incorporates significant improvements in accuracy and mechanical reliability stemming from collaborative research conducted at the U.S. National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), Sandia National Laboratory, the University of Oregon Solar Monitoring Lab, and the 150MW KJC Solar Electric Generating Station in California. The results of this study at each of four test installations were that the RSR-2 measurements were within 2% of reference measurement systems. 


  • Rotating Shadowband Radiometer Head Unit: Licor LI-200SZ pyranometer, shadowband, drive mechanism, wiring harness and mounting bracket.
  • Ambient Air: Air temperature sensor rated - 5C to + 50C, gill radiation shield, wiring and mounting. Optional temperature and relative humidity sensor. Optional barometer.
  • Photovoltaic solar power supply: 10-Watt photovoltaic module, wiring harness and mounting bracket. Optional additional 10-Watt panel for low sunlight locations.
  • Instrument enclosure: Fiberglass enclosure 30.48 cm (12”) wide x 35.56 cm (14”) high x 15.24 cm (6”) deep, mounting hardware, CR800 (Optional CR1000) Campbell Scientific Measurement and Control System, and head unit motor controller.
  • Irradiance RSR2 software: Software license for Campbell CRBasic code to control the RSR and determine global, diffuse and direct irradiance and ambient air temperature.
  • Mounting hardware: Pipe with flanges for bolting to flat surfaces; optional ballast tray and hardware for mounting an RSR on a flat roof. Optional tripod for ground mounting.


Compatible Contemporary Dataloggers

CR200(X) Series CR800/CR850 CR1000 CR3000 CR5000 CR7X CR9000X

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