Campbell Scientific offers a variety of services, including calibration, repair, and maintenance. Please follow the guidelines below if you would like to return a product for servicing.

Please note the following:

  1. The guidelines on this page apply only to customers residing in countries served by Campbell Scientific Australia directly. Affiliate companies handle repairs for customers within their territories. Please visit our Contact Us page if you need to find out which organization serves your country.
  2. Products may not be returned without prior authorization and an Return Material Authorization (RMA) number. This RMA number will have to be listed in our RMA Form to be returned with the equipment for repair or calibration (instructions listed below).
  3. All products returned for service must be (1) clean and (2) uncontaminated by harmful substances, such as hazardous materials, chemicals, insects, and pests. To verify this, the Statement of Product Cleanliness and Decontamination form must be completed for the products you are returning. 

Repairs or Maintenance

When sending back equipment to CSA for repair or calibration, you will need to follow the below procedure:

  • Contact CSA and obtain an RMA number for the items to be returned. This RMA number allows CSA to track your device when received at our shipping dock. CSA will create a ticket ( for this repair/calibration so that it can be followed by all people involved in the process (customer, administration, shipping, repair and application engineer groups)
  • Email back the filled RMA form and Decontamination form through the ticketing system.
  • Send the unit(s) to CSA with a printed copy of the RMA form and decontamination form.


When shipping equipment back to CSA, please use the following delivery address:


Campbell Scientific Australia

411 Bayswater Road

Garbutt QLD 4814


Contact: Shaun Pope (


We appreciate your cooperation on the matter and assisting us in making your repair and calibration process with CSA as fast and efficient as possible.


NOTE: If the above procedure is not followed, your repair is likely to be delayed and you may be charged an adminisrtation fees.