Canary Systems, Inc., was asked by the instrumentation contractor for the new Portugués Dam in Puerto Rico to provide software and services related to the automated data-acquisition system (ADAS) deployed at the dam.

The monitoring system consists primarily of two Campbell Scientific CR1000-based monitoring systems to automate the measurements from a total of 152 geotechnical instruments. Canary Systems initially conducted comprehensive software integration of the monitoring systems (including the two Campbell Scientific monitoring systems as well as additional measurements to be integrated from GOES data streams) into the Canary Systems MultiLogger Suite software platform. The work included datalogger programming using MultiLogger®, a visual tool to create programs for Campbell Scientific dataloggers, database design and configuration, calculations, and outputs.

Canary Systems developed the project database, consisting of approximately 12 interactive views of the dam. Approximately 325 calculations were created to convert all raw measurements to engineering units. This includes calculating in-place inclinometer deflections.

Outputs, including charts and reports, were created to represent the data. Charts show readings for each instrument versus time (including pool evaluation), ambient and instrument temperature versus time, and system status. This task also included importing historical data from approximately 150 Excel workbooks.

Canary Systems visited the site to install their MultiLogger Suite software and the project database, to finalize and test the Campbell-based ADAS and communications, and to provide on-site training. Additional services were provided after the initial integration, including the addition of manual inclinometers, outputs for incremental and cumulative displacement data, gate positions, upstream and downstream pool levels, and rainfall.

Case Study Summary


Monitoring health of dam and associated systems


Puerto Rico, USA

Products Used



Martin van Balkom, Canary Systems

Participating Organizations

Puerto Rico Department of Natural and Environmental Resources; U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Measured Parameters

Block displacement, concrete temperature, rebar strain, dam displacement, uplift pressures, weir flow, dam deformation, battery voltage, panel temperatures, barometric pressure, precipitation, gate position, water level

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