Since 1996, Levi Lee and his son Jeff have used a Campbell Scientific measurement and control system on their multiple-pond catfish farm in Macon, Mississippi. The system monitors dissolved oxygen (critical to catfish production) in each pond, as well as the amperage drawn from the aerator motors. The system allows the Lees to check and control their ponds from their personal computer, saving time and sleep. If critically low dissolved oxygen conditions occur, a radio-controlled alarm alerts the Lees. The system is also programmed to control the aerators to remedy low pond oxygen.

Case Study Summary


Maintaining optimal DO levels in catfish ponds with an automated monitoring and control system


Macon, Mississippi USA

Products Used

CR10X  107-L  SDM-CD16AC 

Participating Organizations

Levi Lee and Jeff Lee, Lee's Catfish Farm

Measured Parameters

Dissolved oxygen, water temperature, amperage

Controlled Devices

Paddle-wheel aerators, alarms

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