Campbell Scientific’s IRGASON is an integrated open-path analyzer and sonic anemometer specifically designed for eddy-covariance flux measurements. It simultaneously measures absolute carbon-dioxide and water-vapor densities, air temperature, barometric pressure, three-dimensional wind speed, and sonic air temperature.

Integrated Gas Analyzer and Sonic Anemometer

Benefits and Features

  • Unique optical layout allows for a slim aerodynamic shape with minimal wind distortion and body heating
  • Measurements are temperature compensated without active heat control
  • Co-located analyzer and sonic anemometer measurement volumes
  • Analyzer and sonic anemometer measurements are temporally synchronized by a common set of electronics
  • Low power consumption; suitable for solar power applications
  • Low noise
  • Maximum output rate of 50 Hz with 25 Hz bandwidth
  • Tolerant to window contamination
  • Angled windows to shed water
  • Field rugged
  • Field serviceable (easy access to chemical bottles)
  • Factory calibrated over wide range of CO2, H2O, pressure and temperature in all combinations encountered in practice
  • Extensive set of diagnostic parameters to warn of questionable data
  • Fully compatible with Campbell Scientific data loggers; field setup, configuration, and field zero and span can be accomplished directly from the data logger.