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CR1000 with NL121 remote connection over internet

TLT Sep 20, 2020 09:47 PM

Dear All,

Need some help here.

How can I connect to a CR1000 over the internet with NL121 installed on to it?

I want to skip using the serial connection on the CR1000 and RV50.

My CR1000 had a NL121 on it, a 5 port ethernet switch and a Airlink RV50. RV50, ethernet switch and NL121 are connected via LAN cable.

I had assigned an IP address (, Subnet (, Gateway ( to the CR1000 and Port forwarding (6785) in the RV50.

Cannot connect to the CR1000, IP address use in Loggernet 185.14.XXX.XXX:6785.

But Loggernet can be connected to the CR1000, if my computer (IP: is cable to the same ethernet switch which the CR1000/NL121 cable to. IP address use in Loggernet 

Thanks in advance.


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