Nearly 60 monitoring stations record water level and quality parameters at reservoirs, canals, pipelines, and springs in Emery County, Utah. The purpose of the project is to document the quantity and quality of water as it moves through the county. Data is collected automatically via RF telemetry. The system is also used for irrigation scheduling and flood control. Gates can be opened and closed via RF telemetry according to irrigation needs, or as water levels reach preset values, the data loggers will perform corresponding control operations.

Case Study Summary


Monitoring water quality and levels at reservoirs, springs, canals, pipelines, and culinary sites.


Emery County, UT USA

Products Used

CR10  247-L  PC208 


Jay Humphrey, District Manager Emery Water Conservancy District

Participating Organizations

Emery Water Conservancy District

Measured Parameters

Water quality, water level, meteorological conditions

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Emery Water Conservancy District

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