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  1. The CDM-VW300 and CDM-VW305 are hardware modules that are used within a data acquisition system to obtain high-speed (less than a second) readings from multiple classes of mainstream vibrating-wire sensors.

    These CDMs operate as an interface between one or more vibrating-wire sensors and a Campbell Scientific datalogger. To obtain accurate measurements from the sensors, the CDM-VW300 and CDM-VW305 perform sophisticated sensor excitation, spectral analysis, and other digital signal processing (DSP) techniques. The data is transferred to, and stored on, the datalogger, where it can be retrieved and analyzed using a personal computer.

  2. CDMs do not have optical isolation on the communication ports. 

  3. The CPI bus is CE tested to Class 4. This covers surge, ESD, RF emissions and susceptibility, and capacitively coupled fast transients. The CPI bus tolerates DC ground potential differences between devices of up to 7 V.