A long-term monitoring effort is taking place at the Castillo de San Marcos, St. Augustine, Florida. The purpose of the monitoring is to determine the cause of cracks in the walls of the 17th century fort. The project monitors existing cracks in three dimensions, the tilt of the large segments between the major cracks, soil moisture changes within the bastion, and weather conditions at the site.

Case Study Summary


Monitoring structural cracks, soil moisture, and weather conditions in support of preserving the Castillo de San Marcos


Castillo de San Marcos National Monument, St. Augustine, Florida, USA

Products Used



David Wright, architect Grieves Worrall Wright & O'Hatnick

Participating Organizations

National Park Service

Measured Parameters

x-y-z movement along cracks, tilt, soil moisture, meteorological conditions

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Castillo de San Marcos Web site

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