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Campbell Loggers Campbell dataloggers are reliable and robust and more than capable of all data collection and signal processing required. Calculations of QFE and QNH from pressure sensors, including comparisons between multiple sensors are possible. RVR values can be calculated within the logger and wind data processed to give mean and gust speeds allowing for marked discontinuities in accordance with ICAO requirements. Optical Sensors The CS120 visibility sensor and PWS100 present weather sensor give visibility information, the PWS100 and CS125 will additionally provide present weather as METAR codes. The CS135 gives cloud information such as cloud base (cloud height) and sky condition (cloud amount). All comply with CAA and ICAO guidance and meet or exceed all recommendations and specifications (this includes CAP437, CAP670 and CAP746). AWOS Campbell Scientific AWOS system play a vital role in monitoring aviation weather conditions. With their ruggedness and low power use, they can function for long periods in harsh environments such as airports, offshore platforms and military airfields. They can measure, record, and communicate  weather information useful for making flight-related decisions.

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Most of the systems we sell are customized. Tell us what you need and we'll help you configure a system that meets your exact needs.


We offer a variety of products that can be used to create systems for Aviation Weather. Many of the major components used to create these systems are listed below. Please let us know if we can help you configure a system.

Case Studies

Meteorologia Aeronautica VI - Sao Tome
Campbell Scientific’s system integrator, AUDIMOBIL LDA, recently upgraded the airport weather system in the more
Automated Precision in Aircraft De-Icing
Information from the PWS100 is used in the determination of accurate de/anti-icing treatment times to more
Cloud Base and Visibility Sensors for Military Aviation
AUDIMOBIL recently installed an Automatic Weather Station in a Portuguese Military Air Base, to more

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